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Becoming aware of the reason behind the stress is one of the first steps you could take to manage your stress. Identifying the symptoms of stress early on can help deal with it sooner. You can manage your stress to good effect with the following actions:

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21 Aug 2019 16:04:48 By Northern Health Care

A wheelchair can be very valuable for the elderly and those with mobility problems. With the right wheelchair, you’ll be able to move around comfortably and enjoy an independent life.

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18 Jul 2019 15:57:35 By Northern Health Care

Many people seem to believe that a nursing home is the same as a residential care home - this guide explores the differences between residential care homes and nursing homes.

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21 Jun 2019 14:11:30 By Northern Health Care

People with restricted mobility or those with poor skin integrity are likely to develop bed sores or pressure ulcers. A pressure ulcer is caused when an individual stays in the same position, unable to reposition themselves, for a long period of time. The constant pressure on the skin is the cause for pressure ulcers.

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9 May 2019 15:59:52 By Northern Health Care